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Joyner Bolt is the revolutionary new task specific spiked timber fixing for joining timber to timber or timber to metal.

Frustrated by the problems constantly experienced with coach bolts and threaded rods, Daniel Hardingham (Chartered Surveyor) and Mark Doye (Carpenter) combined their knowledge and experience to design their ideal alternative.

Coming from the two ends of the building chain (specifier and end user) gave them a unique insight into the shortcomings of the coach bolt for everyone right through the building chain from Architect to Tradesman. As a result the pair have designed a product that not only satisfies everyone’s needs but also meets Building Regulation requirements AND is available in the optimum range to meet 99% of ALL timber to timber and timber to metal situations.

These fixings are unique because:

  • They immediately grip and hold the timber and can be threaded single handedly -even in the most difficult spaces.
  • Unlike any other fixings they can be used to compensate for an overdrilled hole - especially useful when joining several different timbers.
  • They provide optimum torque level because they will not turn within the timber.
  • Regardless of size they cannot be pulled through the timber even up to a 32mm drilled hole.
  • Because they are so easy to use and have zero wastage they are the most cost effective method of fixing timber to timber or timber to metal.
  • They provide a unique combination of a quality, decorative finish that meets all Building Regulation requirements.

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Ease of use

The spiked head quickly grips the wood even in tight spaces and at difficult angles then allows the user to quickly make the connection.

Speed and efficiency

Unlike a coach bolt, the Joyner Bolt will not fall out of an overdrilled hole meaning that no time or cost is lost in replacing the fixing.

Quality of joint

The Joyner Bolt provides a strong joint even with an overlarge hole guaranteeing an optimum and long lasting torque level.

Decorative finish

The Joyner Bolt cannot be pulled through the wood as the joint is tightened which makes it the ideal product for an externally visible or decorative joint.

Case Study

May 2015

For the refurbishment of first floor residential flat and construction of an additional floor to provide a further 2 bed flat.

  • Completed in lesss than 25% of the time
  • Total cost savings over 40%
  • With No Wastage

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Meet the Team

Mark is a qualified City & Guilds carpenter who has worked on construction sites around the UK
Janice first met Dan in 2005 when she worked as his executive coach as he made the transition from
After qualifying in 1993 as a chartered surveyor, Dan worked in private practice for three years